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RFID-News / 1-2024

RFID handheld readers for laundries and other applications

sttID, completes its range of mobile RFID readers.

The compact readers in the SHT series are available for the frequencies LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz) and UHF (868 MHz) and are supplemented by the HF reader (13.56 MHz) SHT-2020.

RFID-News / 06-2023

  • sttID, scemtec Transponder Technology, is expanding its range of HF readers with the compact RFID industrial reader SIR-2550, which is prepared for top-hat rail mounting.
  • New version of the SIL-9400 SmartRead Application software

Newsletter 9.2020

Mulitfrequenz RFID Leser

sttID, scemtec Transponder Technology, extends the reader program by the HF / UHF Desk-Top Reader/Writer SIM-2500.

Compact 13.56 MHz / 868 MHz Midrange Reader/Writer as Desk-Top Version with integrated HF and UHF antenna.

sttID provides a comprehensive portfolio of HF MidRange antennas

sttID offers a large number of external antennas for the HF frequency and a wide range of applications and formats for power classes up to 2 watts. By adapting to 50 ohm input impedances, it is possible to connect the HF MidRange antennas the sttID HF Reader as well as the already installed HF Reader. The antennas are equipped with a coaxial cable or SMA plug and can be operated immediately with HF MidRangeReaders. In combination with the sttID HF MidRange Reader SIR-2720 reading ranges of up to 40 cm (with transponders in ISO card format) can be reached.